World Beer Cup

Final Note on Brewery Eligibility

Breweries must meet all eligibility requirements for participation, found here . Ineligible companies that register for the competition (including breweries in planning and/or breweries that are non-operational and open to the public as of November 14, 2023) will be disqualified without notice or refund of registration fees.

If your company is not eligible, you may cancel your entry prior to February 9, 2023 and receive a refund of your entry fees.

Registering your Competition Beers Using the World Beer Cup Style Builder

  1. Select “Enter New Beer” to manually enter a new beer name, or, if available, select from the drop-down list of your current beer offerings (Note: many breweries will not see any beers in the drop down menu, instead, please select “Enter new beer”).
  2. Select the judging category you wish to have the beer judged in (Judging categories may be referenced here.)
  3. Complete the specialty information section (if required by that category), by using the style builder fields or manually enter judging information, if required.

Competition Fees

    Beer entries are $180.00 each.

World Beer Cup Competition

  1. A list of the World Beer Cup Competition style categories can be found here (or download a PDF here).
  2. An individual beer brand may only be entered in the competition once (no single beer may be entered into multiple categories).
  3. A brewery may enter different brands/beers into the same category (e.g.: two different pilsners may be entered into the same Kellerbier category).
  4. Complete eligibility rules may be found here. Entering breweries are responsible for meeting ALL eligibility requirements.

Shipping Competition Beers

Additional information on shipping your competition entries for judging will be provided via email after the beer registration period has ended, but initial information may also be found here.

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